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Language & Communication Courses

Group and individual language courses tailored to participants' and organiser's needs. Intercultural communication courses and workshops on a variety of topics: Business Communication, Customer Service, Giving Presentations, pronunciation workshops, and many more. Looking for a special course designed for you? Contact me to get more information and a free offer!

Online courses

Do you live far away from language schools or private tutors? Do you work long, irregular hours? Whether there is no offer of professional language & communication courses in your area or you simply feel like it's high time you enriched your learning routine with modern learning techniques, on-line classes are just for you! Contact me to get more information and free offer!

Translation & Proofreading

High quality professional translation of websites, software, user manuals, blogs, CVs, research papers and texts related to business, tourism, advertising, IT, education, health and humanities. Proofreading service by an experienced native speaker to polish up your text before sending it to the customer. Contact me to get more information and a free offer!


I share my passion for linguistics by helping my students understand how languages work and how people from various cultures use language in specific contexts to share information, persuade and affect others.

In my language classroom I use a blend of various teaching techniques designed to meet the participants' needs. My 'Languages in Movement' method is a non-traditional approach that allows the students to express themselves and learn in ways seen as taboo in traditional language learning: using atypical pitch and intonation patterns or experimenting with alternative communication channels (e.g. eye contact, mimics, touch, body language).

All my courses can be customised to meet the needs of private individuals, groups or companies. They can be delivered in classroom settings, as workshops, presentations or online. Find more details below or contact me for a free, no-commitment offer!

Language courses

English Course

English is the modern lingua franca and the (co-)official language in over 70 territories. It is the most popular second language worldwide but for many one of the most difficult to learn owing to its complex syntax and significant variation among its accents and dialects. I will assist you in finding the most effective learning tools and techniques and make sure you learn to communicate correctly and effectively without having to go through tons of boring grammar books.

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German Course

German has around 95 million speakers worldwide, it is the second most commonly used scientific language and the language of 10% of all the books printed in the world. My course focuses on improving your communication and pronunciation skills and providing you with the basic culture-specific information. I will teach you characteristic language structures enabling you to communicate both creatively and clearly right from the very start of your learning adventure.

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Polish Course

Polish is the most widely spoken Slavic language in the European Union. It uses Latin script, shows little regional variation and offers 55 million speakers around the world to practice with. I put great emphasis on teaching phonetics and offering my students the possibility to practice speaking and communication right from the lesson one. I will help you untangle the infamous Polish grammar, share many linguistic and cultural tips and best learning techniques.

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Communication courses


Classroom courses are a very popular form of teaching a great variety of skills: speaking foreign languages, dancing, using IT software, vocational courses, induction trainings, etc. Whether you are at the very start of your teaching career, are looking for guidance and support preparing your first courses or would like to upgrade your teaching and presentation skills, you are in the right place.
In my group trainings and individual coaching sessions you will get acquainted with tools and techniques used by professional teachers in classroom settings. We will start off with analysing your needs and priorities and then develop a personalised training plan. Regardless of the discipline, the topics relevant to you will include:

  • classroom management
  • cognitive skills and learning theories
  • teaching techniques
  • testing techniques
  • presentation skills
  • verbal and non-verbal communication
  • intercultural communication
  • language skills (e.g. English if you teach multinational audiences)

If you are or are planning to become a foreign language teacher, you will also need professional preparation in the following areas:

  • descriptive and comparative grammar
  • didactic grammar
  • speech therapy basics
  • writing systems basics
  • being and becoming bilingual/multilingual
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To fully understand your business partners, customers or employees you’ll need much more than the common language. You have to know their cultural values, communication styles and negotiation patterns to avoid painful faux pas and severe disappointment. In my seminars and trainings I will provide you with effective strategies for cross-cultural communication and help you understand how specific cultures think, work, interact or manage their time. The training will be tailored to your business, your goals and expectations.

Some of the topics that my customers chose were:

  • working in multinational teams
  • giving presentations
  • negotiations
  • written business communication
  • websites localisation
  • multilingual upbringing
  • learning foreign languages
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This course is designed to meet your and your company's needs. At lower levels you will be introduced to the general language structures and vocabulary related to your area, you will improve your pronunciation and get some useful culture-specific tips.

At higher levels you will improve your written communication as well as your presentation and intercultural communication skills. You will be exposed to lots of specialised vocabulary and informative texts. Depending on your needs, we will follow a specialised textbook or the 'Languages in Movement' method.

Some of the specialisations that my customers chose were:

  • tourism and hospitality
  • customer service
  • corporate communication
  • welding
  • occupational safety and health
  • education

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Translations & Proofreading

I work primarily in English, Polish and German but can also perform substantive work in Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. For more detailed grammatical work I cooperate with several native-speaking colleagues from Europe as well as South and North America

Why do I need a human translator?

Translation demands a rare combination of linguistic and writing skills. The most common mistake a machine translation programme or an amateur translator makes is to translate each word literally, often making it impossible to communicate the author's intended meaning. Today's machines are still not even close to tackling what holds up to be the greatest challenge behind every translation job - accurate communication of concepts and intentions, not just words and expressions.

Machine translators like Google Translate can be very helpful and cost effective in some situations, for example:

  • You just need to know the gist of the document
  • You are looking for a very specific piece of information

However, if the information is important to you or the document is for the final consumption of a client, use professional translation and proofreading services!

What is proofreading (editing) & why do you need it?

Proofreading (editing) means examining your text carefully to find and correct mistakes in grammar, style, and spelling. Professional proofreaders (editors) can help you improve your texts by identifying and correcting any internal inconsistencies, fixing problematic grammar, style and correcting typographical and punctuation errors. It requires specialised linguistic knowledge and cannot be done professionally by just any native speaker of a language.

What are the advantages of working with a translator directly rather than through an agency?

Many translation agencies work with inexperienced translators in order to be able to offer lower rates. Professional translators are subject-matter experts and have the expert's ability to understand a subject's jargon and communication style and translate it successfully for different audiences in the target language.

High quality translators who can work directly with their customers will often also be able to edit the original text you submit for translation and point out any inconsistencies and mistakes that lower the quality of your manuscript.

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About me

Monika Zatylny

My name is Monika Zatylny and I hold a BA degree in English Philology and a MA degree in Intercultural Communication – Linguistics. My main fields of interest have always been phonology and becoming (being) multilingual, which I researched in my graduation thesis (Universität Wien, 2010, dr L. Madelska / Uniwersytet Jagielloński, 2011, prof. I. Bobrowski). I speak 6 languages.

When it comes to teaching, I was thoroughly trained in the classical grammar-translation method for various Indo-European languages but have always felt there was more to teaching and learning than just a grammar book. I soon started investigating alternative methods of work and completed a 'Tandem Intermediator Training' in bilingual Basque Country (Tandem Fundazioa, Donosti, 2007), 'Posłuchaj jak mówię' a course on teaching pronouncation to bilingual individuals with a speech therapist and university professor Liliana Madelska (Wien, 2010). a 'Blended Learning System Communication Method' at a nationally renowned language school in Poland (Leader School, Łódź, 2011), a vocal emission training with a singer and voice teacher Ż.Groborz-Mazanek (2013, Kraków, Poland) and a 'Improvisation in Movement' training with a dancer and actress A.Miszczor-Jobda (Kontakt, Kraków, 2015).

All those inspirations and experiences gave rise to my 'Languages in Movement' teaching method which I use in my language classroom.

The experience I got providing Multilingual Customer Service for various international companies across Europe made me realise how challenging it is to run a business for those who struggle to communicate across languages and cultures without any linguistic and cultural-diversity awareness. In order to help businesses and individuals cope with the expectations of the modern, globalising world, I designed a series of Linguistics and Intercultural Communication Trainings which I deliver in-company and online in cooperation with Polish Localisation from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


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Definitely recommend!

Monika was a great teacher and an easy person to talk to. I was having classes of Polish with her and I felt that I made a huge progress in my knowledge. She was not only able to explain the language to me but capable of discussing it and its roots (which for me made the classes much more interesting). I definitely recommend her and I bet you will be a better speaker on the end.

Best teacher I have ever had. From A1 to B2 in 3 months.

Monika has been without doubt the best language teacher I have ever had. With her huge passion for language teaching, her ability to teach phonetics and her capability to adapt her methods to the student's needs I was able to move from an A1 in German to a B2 in just three months.

Aprender sintiendo

Lo que más me a gustado del curso es que empezamos a aprender de una manera natural, al igual que aprendemos nuestro idioma materno cuando somos niños, escuchando y repitiendo. Al principio estas un poco perdido, pero de esta manera, casi sin darte cuenta pones toda tu concentración en intentar entender algo y aunque al principio puede ser un poco frustrante, cuando menos te lo esperas empiezas a reconocer patrones y a la hora de ver la gramática escrita, se refuerza todo lo aprendido. Sin duda una de las cosas que más me sorprendió fue la manera de "memorizar" las palabras que nos enseñó Monica con juegos de mímica. Al utilizar todo el cuerpo o sentir en el caso de las emociones, basta repetir el gesto con que aprendiste esa palabra para recordarla. Estoy muy contento por haber participado en el curso, las bases que aprendí me han dado seguridad y ganas de seguir aprendiendo. Vielen Dank Monika und bis bald!!!

Preparando un viaje y más

Excelente profesora, las sesiones son muy amenas y divertidas, te pasa el tiempo sin darte cuenta. Es una persona con mucha paciencia, y te resuelve las dudas tantas veces como sea necesario.

Que decir que no sepas. Felicidades Monika, eres extraordinaria dando clases.

Quiero agradecerte la atención prestada, la paciencia y el tiempo dedicado a todos nosotros, y a mi en concreto, estoy muy contenta de haber recibido clases con tu forma de enseñar, creía que nunca podría aprender este idioma y ahora "se saludar", como mínimo, je.,je,je. Muchas gracias por todo y espero que nos veamos pronto.

Descubriendo el idioma alemán con Monika

He realizado un curso intensivo de alemán nivel A1 con Monika en EHIB. Aunque en un principio pensé que sería duro estar 4 horas todos los días aprendiendo un idioma tan diferente al español, gracias a la actitud y carácter afable de Monika, puedo decir que se me pasaron los días y las horas del curso muy rápidamente y conseguí aprender casi sin darme cuenta. Su método de enseñanza ha sido clave en mi aprendizaje ya que estaba muy bien enfocado desde un principio en su objetivo para con toda la clase. Recomiendo muy encarecidamente sus servicios a todo aquel que desee aprender un idioma. Ha sido un placer para mi tener la oportunidad de aprender con una persona tan risueña y positiva. Un saludo.

Muy satisfecha con la metodologia de la profesora

Mónica, Tu metodoligia me ha encantado. Excelente el interés que has puesto en la pronunciación de los alumnos. Quisiera repetir la experiencia de otro curso contigo. Gracias. Fabiola.

The best teacher I've ever had

I've had a great experience while learning Polish with Monika, the lessons were very productive and I was able to make very good progress each session. Totally recommend.

Simply the best

After living already a few years in Poland as a Dutch speaker and being able to say a good few words in Polish , which in all honesty i would just randomly put together in a sentence without any regard to form or linguistic rules, i decided it was time to tackle the oh so famously difficult Polish grammar! I was very skeptical about anyone being able to explain to me the polish case system as many of my polish friends had tried and given up , among them someone who has a doctorate in Polish philology. In my first meeting with Monika which lasted about an hour she took away every shred of my skepticism. With a very smart analogy she was able to explain to me the reason and sense of the case system and gave me the confidence to proceed to try to unravel this mysterious grammar. We had classes together for the better part of a year and my Polish has improved immensely in this time. If she would have stayed in Poland i would have continued my classes and would probably be writing this in Polish. She is a very dedicated and enthusiastic person and if there is something as a "gift to teach" than she has it. If you are looking to learn a new language and really want to get the best out of your time and money then don't hesitate and go for it! You won't regret it!In case anyone would like to ask me something you can write to my mail address! In english, nederlands albo po polsku!

Professional teacher with great pedagogy!

I have attended a Polish language course and it helped my professional development...Great pedagogy and interesting choice of themas! Highly recommended

Clases intensivas de Aleman

muchas gracias, estoy muy contenta de mi evolución, muchas gracia por tu dedicacion, tiempo y paciencia, eres una excelente profesora y sin duda quiero seguir tomando clases contigo. :)

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